• “Marriott also draws plenty of comparisons to Janis Joplin as she blends acoustic folk with jazz and electric blues into a uniquely danceable sound. This London, Ontario native sings the blues as if she was born a lot closer to its delta roots.”
    Terry Key – Currentland
  • “Jennifer was a treat to watch with vocals reminiscent of a young Rickie Lee Jones.”
    Brad Harwood – London Blues Society
  • “..she loves telling a good story in her music, she gives the story energy and the audience feeds it back to her….”
    Renny Severance – Fort Myers Life Magazine
  • “With her husky, dusky voice, Jennifer Marriott gives a distinctive soulfulness that is infinitely easy to hear”
    Elizabeth Wendt-Kellar – Naples Daily News
  • “Jennifer can seduce into relaxation with the words of her songs, then her soft melodic voice can take on a Janice Joplin growl, or a downtown rhythm and blues wail setting the stage alive..”
    David Evanston – Fort Myers Life Magazine
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